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Workshop on uses of video to promote responsible citizenship


A workshop has been launched in Salé city in north-western Morocco to train the youth on how videos can be used to spread concepts of responsible citizenship. This workshop is a part of the “Get Your Voice Heard” Project. The workshop will take place between the 11th and 13th of the current month, and it’s the third workshop to be ... Read More »

Launch of the Get Your Voice Heard Project


The activities of the “Get Your Voice Heard” project have started in the Moroccan capital city of Marrakech.  The project is organised by the Arabic Foundation of Development and Citizenship, in collaboration with the United Association for Supervision of Children & Youth, the International Foundation For Training & Development and supported by the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) The project ... Read More »

Workshop on enabling local organizations


The Arab Foundation for Development and Citizenship have organized a workshop in Jordan in coordination with UNRWA on enabling local organizations and the ways of activating it work. This workshop falls under the program organized by by AFDC in cooperation with UNRWA to strengthen the role of the local community so that it can be ready to take the lead independently, ... Read More »

Two workshops for the Moroccan youth to promote the values of citizenship


Director of the United Association for the Guidance of Children and Youth (ASUEEJ) in cooperation with the Arab Foundation for Development & Citizenship (AFDC) have implemented two workshops for more than fifty young Moroccan men and women in  Marrakech and Essaouira. The workshops come as part of the “I am a Moroccan Citizen” programme, which was launched three months ago. ... Read More »

Conclusion of the “I am a Moroccan citizen” project


Mohammed El Nos, the executive manager of the “I am a Morrocan citizen” project, has confirmed that the project has achieved success rates between 90% and 130% of the project’s success indicators. He also added, In a speech to present the outcome of the project’s activities in Marrakech on Sunday 25th December 2011, that the number of direct beneficiaries have ... Read More »

Using video evidence to monitor violations


The Arab Foundation for Development & Citizenship (AFDC) has organised a workshop for Syrian activists on how to use video on mobile devices as evidence in monitoring and documenting the wide spread violations in Syria. The workshop also highlighted the ways in which pictures can be enhanced in order to be in the best quality possible to provide the best ... Read More »

The role and importance of civil society


The Arab Foundation for Development & Citizenship (AFDC) has participated in a training workshop organised by The Syrian Activists Network (SYAN) for its members in order to enhance the skills that interests them. AFDC organised sessions for the members of SYAN on the importance of Civil Society and how to deal with its organisations. During the two days of the ... Read More »

Mechanisms of monitoring violations


The Arab Foundation for Development & Citizenship (AFDC) has organised a workshop for Syrian activists on the mechanisms of monitoring Human Rights violations and documenting them. The workshop covered the forms approved by the High Commission for Human Rights in this field as well as other forms approved by other international organisations. The workshops which lasted for three days has ... Read More »

Media for CSOs Workshop in Beirut


The Arab Foundation for Development & Citizenship (AFDC) has implemented a workshop in Beirut targeting a number of Lebanese civil society organisations. The workshop presented an introduction to the relationship between the media and the civil society. The programme of the workshop aimed at enabling the participants to understand the characteristics of the different types of media, as well as understanding ... Read More »