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The launch of “I’m a Moroccan Citizen” Project


The “Responsible Moroccan Citizen” project has been launched today 22/02/2011 in Marrakesh, the project is organised by the United Association for the Guidance of Children and Youth (ASUEEJ) in Marrakesh in coordination with the Arab Foundation for Development & Citizenship.

The project aims to empower 100 young men and women from civil society and educational organisations in Marrakesh with the concepts of responsible citizenship through a number of workshops.

The project which is supervised by Mr. Mhamed En-nosse, the Director of ASUEEJ; will conclude with a list of initiatives needed by the youth in order to strengthen responsible citizenship in their lives, the Association will seek to support some of these initiatives.

The activities of the project started with a workshop in Marrakesh, with the participation of Mr. Obaida Fares, the director of the Arab Foundation for Development & Citizenship, and Mr. Yunes Naoumi, the executive director of Al Mostaqbal Institute for Citizenship & Democracy (Casablanca), as trainers in the workshop.
The workshop was carried out over a period of three days and was attended by 27 young men & women from Marrakesh.


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