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Civil Society Approach to Media: An Executive Guide

Author: Jihad Mallah, Obaida Fares, Mohammad AlAsadi

Pages No.: 90 , dimensions (29.5 x 17 cm)

Publishing year: 2009

This book can be bought from Neel wa Furat website

A brief about the book: The guide specifically aims at explaining the role an effective relationship with media in all its forms can play in furthering civil society organizations’ work. To empower CSOs to establish and maintain such a relationship, the guide introduces various written media material and covers the various types of media channels and strategies that an organization might use to support its work.

The book primarily targets those working in public relations for civil society organizations, but the authors have considered an opportunity for a wider audience to make use of their guide. First, because many small organizations lack a specialized department for such work, the executive officers of civil society organizations are usually responsible for media-related tasks and are addressed in the guide as well.

Public and private sector employees can also benefit from the guide because the ground rules for handling public relations are quite similar in different sectors. In addition, journalism and communication students can also make use of the book as a guide for learning to draft copy for the media including press releases and feature stories in a professional manner or for studying how to conduct media conferences and interviews.

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