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Responsible Citizenship A guide to concepts and topics


Responsible Citizenship A guide to concepts and topics

Author: Jamal Bendahman

Year of publication: 2013

Language: Arabic


This book comes as a part of the “Get Your Voice Heard” project which aims to train young people in means of social communication to express their views and ideas, and practice their roles as citizens responsibly. The idea behind the project came from the fact that a large group of young people spend their time in using new forms of social media, especially Facebook and YouTube, while complaining about their views being disregarded, their inability to actively contribute to the society, and their lack of means to actively express their citizenship at school, in their families, or at university. Therefore, the project aims to provide them with the opportunity to actively express themselves, which will help them to better serve their community.

The guide was prepared by Jamal Bendahman, who is a member in the board of trustees of the Arab Foundation for Development and Citizenship. He holds a doctorate in discourse analysis, and is an international expert in the field of training on civic cultures and citizenship values

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