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AFDC carries out studies in Syria to determine the needs in four main sectors

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The Arab Foundation for Development and Citizenship (AFDC) has collaborated with the Centre for Community Studies (Community) in carrying out a research project to analyse the needs of four key sectors in Syria; the developmental, social, religious and educational sectors. These studies will be the first of their kind in this field.

The research will identify the needs by focusing on the period that followed the popular protests in Syria in March of 2011 until today, and will cover the needs inside Syria mainly, in addition to the needs of Syrian refugee communities in neighbouring countries.

The research includes carrying out field surveys in a number of Syrian cities, in order to determine the main players in each sector, the projects and programs they are implementing, the groups benefiting from them and their satisfaction levels, and finally, how beneficial these projects are. This will help determine the gap that main players in these sectors should work on filling.

The importance of carrying out such research project is due to the fact that large numbers of local and international parties are working in these four key sectors in Syria, and carrying out a wide range of projects and programs, without co-ordination between them or referencing to past studies to determine the actual needs of their target groups.

These four studies are part of larger research project, aimed at decision makers and influencers in the four concerned sectors.

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